Thanks for all the light work, Edmonton!

For months now, this website has been the centre of the online community built up around the idea to light the High Level Bridge. We are so happy that it has worked so well. You have bought bulbs, told stories, challenged each other and gotten us from idea to idea in motion.

We raised the $2.5 million. And, in the process, we raised our sense of what we can accomplish together.

That means we’re at the end of the beginning.

And that means we are no longer accepting money for bulbs or taking bulb dedications. If you have already registered and donated and want to add or alter a dedication, you can still log into your account and edit those words.

Now, the big work turns to putting the bulbs on the bridge.

We’re also working hard on assigning bulbs to donors before the bridge enjoys its world light debut on Canada Day, so, please check back here periodically for updates on that front.

These two words are packed with our gratitude: Thank you.

Thanks to all who have invested in the vision.

We're pretty good at responding to questions at the speed of light, but preparing tax receipts is taking us a bit more time. Tax receipts for 2013 will be issued as early as possible in March. We’re as sorry for the inconvenience as we are grateful for your support. And patience.


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It’s Edmonton’s most iconic structure, but when the sun goes down, that symbol fades away.

Our vision is to turn on the High Level Bridge by decking it out with thousands of smart, programmable LED lights. It’s a never-been-tried-before-but-really-feels-like-Edmonton campaign to ask folks to buy a bulb on the bridge. When this works, we’ll be able to tell you where your bulb is located.

Lighting technology is more affordable and environmentally friendly than ever, but this project won’t be cheap. It’s expected to cost around $2.5 million and will take a few months to get off the ground.

This isn’t government money. This will be the work of purchases big and small—some will be raised in the buy-a-bulb drive, some from the corporate sector. The team effort means the High Level Bridge will keep doing its connecting work, but just a little differently.

People have told us to do it right. And that’s the plan: to turn the bridge into a signature written in light for the future.

Share the vision. Spread the word. Buy a bulb. The lights will do the rest.

Why Buy?

Indeed, why buy a bulb? Here are a few good reasons:

  • You want to look at the gloriously lit High Level Bridge and say, “That light is mine.” Or: “That light is for my grandfather.” Or for anyone else who has illuminated your life.
  • You want to photograph the High Level Bridge at night—for the first time ever!
  • You think we could all do a better job telling the world we’re proud of Edmonton, and you want to be part of an easy, colourful way of doing that.
  • You look forward to seeing that signature image of the lit bridge on TV broadcasts.
  • You like the idea that this initiative will be funded without taxpayers' money.
  • Or, you have your own (and even better) reason for wanting to get on board with a purchase!

Remember, if you purchase $20 or more, you get a tax receipt.


It’s fitting that the project to light the High Level Bridge is connecting people and businesses from across Edmonton and the Capital Region.

EPCOR has contributed $250,000 to design and installation, and a host of Edmonton and area businesses and organizations have already indicated they’ll contribute in cash or with expertise.

The City of Edmonton, while supporting the project and overseeing it, is not a financial partner in the design and installation of the lights.

But you are—if you choose to join the movement by contributing yourself, or spreading the word.


Inside the vivid image of an illuminated High Level Bridge are some impressive technical facts and feats.

The light-the-bridge project will feature 1,120 luminaires (fixtures) containing almost 60,000 light emitting diodes (LEDs). Each luminaire will be fastened in such as way as to achieve a 3G vibration rating to maintain the integrity of the presentation through the natural rattles and vibrations of the working bridge.

The lights can be individually controlled and dim, flash, glow and glitter in one or every imaginable colour.

The design eliminates traditional light pollution by having all the lights pointed downward. And it significantly reduces light trespass with a technique of aiming the light beams only at the bridge itself. Our design means that the light lights the bridge, and does not stray.

Whats Next?

If all goes according to plan, the bridge lights up on Canada Day, 2014. We're now working on the process of assigning lights to donors, so, watch for that by Canada Day.


Have a question, concern, or great idea? Give us a call or send us an email. We promise to get back to you at just under the speed of light.

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